Mp4 video speeding with button press


I would like to get some help about how i can speed up (forward or backward) for the time I am pressing the corresponding buttons. Let me clarify, that i don’t want the typical forward or backward where from one scene we are jumping to another scene with a time difference of for example 5s .

Any help would be appreciated! :wink:

Hi There,

Please can you confirm what it is you are trying to speed up or slow down? are these movie stims? we may need more information to guide here. For example how are you currently trying to implement this in psychopy.


Hi Becca,

Yes, It’s a movie stims and I am coding the task in psychopy.

I have tried different approaches to implement it.

For example I have tried the simple fast-forwarding and backwarding with the options available in stim3, but this limits me to jump from one frame to the next one (in MovieStim3 I could choose the time interval). We don’t really want to just jump from one frame to another, our goal is to speed through the frames while pressing the corresponding buttons. And also, to keep going backwards or forwards in the video i need to constantly be pressing, unpressing and again pressing the button. I also tried manually controlling the frames for speeding, but in this case I find that we don’t really accomplish our goal.

Specifically, the problem I am finding is that the recognition of the button press is just at the begging of the pressing, not the whole time I am pressing the button. Is there a way that the pressing of the button could be detected as “continuous”?

Hi There,

In more recent releases of PsychoPy you should be able to check if a key is currently pressed down by monitoring the key press on the press or the release.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 17.45.03

Hopefully that should guide you towards detecting if a button is currently pressed in (i.e. start something, like fast forwarding, on the key press then end it on the release)