"Moving forward and backward through slides in PsychoPy" works locally but not online

URL of experiment:

Hi I am trying to create an experiment and the first part works well both locally and online. However, I wanted to add instructions that people could slide trough. I followed this guide Moving forward and backward through slides in PsychoPy | Rebecca Hirst and it works well locally, but not online, where I get this error:

I have tried to look through this forum and have changed the folders for the instructions and such, but nothing has helped me so far.

I then tried to make an experiment that ONLY had the instructions. It again works well locally, but online, I am stuck even earlier:

The code for that is here: Sign in · GitLab

I have now tried solutions for a few days, including deleting and re-up the experiment but nothing seems to help. Is there anything obvious that I am doing wrong?

I really hoped to pilot the experiment this week, but I seem to be very much stuck. Thanks for reading through this.

For unknown resource errors, please look here:

For initialisation errors, check the Browser console

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Thanks. This solution worked for me: