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MovieStim3 renders complete white frame after playing multiple videos


My problem is that MovieStim3 begin to render white frames after it plays hundreds of stimuli.

I’m using PsychoPy v1.84.2 on Windows. I’m using visual.MovieStim3 to display some videos. The way I use it is the same as the MovieStim demo code. I create a global object of type MovieStim3. To display a new movie, I just use the loadMovie() function to load a movie file.

This works fine until I try to play some movies (~60) for about 300 times in total. Each movie is about 2 seconds with 200 frames. After about 200 movies are displayed. Psychopy begins to render complete white frames. All movies are displayed repeatedly and randomly, so I don’t think that it’s a problem with my stimuli.

Since this problem can be regenerated(every trial fails after about 200 movies are displayed). I guess there is some buffer or status variable in GL or the internal objects in Psychopy that is overflow after too many movies are displayed?

Any comments or hint is appreciated!