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Moviestim working locally but not online

OS Win 10
PsychoPy version 2021.2.2

Hi there,

Trying to get Moviestim to work online but keep getting an error:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when setting the movie of MovieStim: Stimuli
  • stimuli/v9/c8_90R_2s_inverted_masked_LB0.mp4,8,j,no,no,yes,no,no,yes is not a video
    Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

The console error is:


  1. Object

window.onunhandledrejection @ PsychoJS.js:726

log4javascript.js:148 FATAL 12:16:04.380 GUI.dialog psychojs-2021.2.2.js:1257 | {“origin”:“MovieStim.setMovie”,“context”:“when setting the movie of MovieStim: Stimuli”,“error”:“stimuli/v9/c8_90R_2s_inverted_masked_LB0.mp4,8,j,no,no,yes,no,no,yes is not a video”}

BrowserConsoleAppender.append @ log4javascript.js:148

Scheduler.js:164 Uncaught (in promise)

  1. Object

  2. context: “when setting the movie of MovieStim: Stimuli”

  3. error: “stimuli/v9/c8_90R_2s_inverted_masked_LB0.mp4,8,j,no,no,yes,no,no,yes is not a video”

  4. origin: “MovieStim.setMovie”

  5. [[Prototype]]: Object

Window.js:86 windowAlreadyInFullScreen: false


  1. Checked xls file to confirm file names

  2. Checked through all project file to check for incorrect file paths


Hi There,

That looks like there has been some difficulty parsing your trials csv (judging from the “8,j,no,yes,no,no,yes” - which I am assuming is not part of the filename is that correct?) Would you please be able to share the link to your project here?