Moviestim border problem with background

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding how my movie stimulus is blending with the window background.

I am playing an mp4 video on a subspace of the screen using MovieStim3, while the background of the video is exactly the same colour as the background of my screen (white). During the experiment, the movie is changing both position and orientation on the screen.

Normally, the video blends with the background without the outline of the video being visible. The problem arises when the orientation of the video is not orthogonal to either x y axis, which causes strips to appear on the outline. Using a single frame of the video as an ImageStim under the same conditions does not result in the same problem.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you in advance

I have a nasty hunch this might not really be fixable because it probably comes down to something about the movie’s video compression and how it’s being rendered, but do you have a screenshot of what it looks like when this happens?

Thank you for the answer, indeed that seems to be the case. I didn’t find a solution, but I found an alternative by loading the frames individually.

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