Movie stims don't disappear after playing in Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:

I have a routine in a loop that shows a movie stimulus. The file to show varies across trials. The file is updated in a 1-second ISI prior to the start of the movie. After the movie, there is another short ISI (750 ms) and then a lexical decision. This all works find in PsychoPy, but when I move it to Pavlovia, there are two problems with the movies:

(1) The movie stim sometimes doesn’t disappear after playing. The last frame of the movie stays on-screen and the lexical decision probe is displayed on top the movie. This happens about 50% of the time on Pavlovia. Is there a way to manually clear the screen after the movie finishes?

(2) This might be related to (1). The movie doesn’t always appear to be starting at the end of the 1 second ISI in which it is supposed to load. I’m assuming this is because it’s taking longer than 1 second to load the entire movie. Consequently, the movie doesn’t end until after the second ISI has started. Starting a few ms late isn’t necessarily a problem, but I do want to maintain the full 750 ms ISI between the end of the video and the presentation of the LD probe. Is there a way to ensure this?

I’ve looked through the forums, but can’t find an answer. Same with the video documentation.

My solution for the movie getting stuck on the last frame was to end it slightly early.