Move joystick across screen

Hello, I usually use the builder to create experiments, but am in need of custom code for my joystick. Currently, I plug in my USB joystick, create a cursor using a polygon in the builder (image below). When I click left, the cursor jumps about 2 inches to the left and stays there (true for all directions) and once I let go the cursor re-centers. I am wanting the cursor to continue moving in the pressed direction until it is let go and not go back to the center but am not sure how to do this.
I have changed the joystick.xFactor and joystick.yFactor from 1 to .02 so it moves a shorter distance, and have been trying to get the program to repeat the movement until button is released. I haven’t found a way to make this work yet and have posted a few times now with no suggestions on this forum and several others. It seems like it should be very simple, so I am probably missing something obvious. But any advice would be extremely appreciated!

When I search online I am continuously rerouted to the link below. I have had more luck with Pyglet than I have Pygame, even though I am actually more familiar with Pygame. Pygame seems to give a lot more error messages.