How to make the joystick move around the screen

Hello, my apologies, I have posted about this a couple times now, but unfortunately haven’t gotten responses.

I will be using Psychopy with nonhuman primates who are joystick trained. Previously I have used the mouse and keyboard for human participants and did not have issues, but the joystick has been much more complicated for me to figure out.
I plug my joystick in, and have everything set up as seen below. What ends up happening, is instead of just moving around the screen small increments at a time, the polygon I’ve created as my joystick cursor moves all the way to the edge of the screen. images below as well. I would expect the polygon to slowly move up to the top of the screen but instead when I press up it goes to the far edge. This is true for all direction. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
Polygon_2 is my cursor, polygon I’ve created just to test the joystick with something to touch.

Update: I have added a custom code component to change the joystick.xFactor and joystick.yFactor to be .08 instead of “height” and now the joystick moves a much shorter distance. Now I assume I need to find a way to tell the program to repeat this movement for as long as the joystick is being help. Any ideas on this would be more than helpful! I’m not familiar with code.