Mouse still visible on windows 11 Psychopy 2023.2.1

Dear All,

I try to make the mouse invisible 3 methods find online but not worked !!!.

but nothing works

here is my part of code.

    mywin.mouseVisible = False

Thanks for your help


I find a way, but it is not elegant I call mywin.mouseVisible = False mutliple times in my scripts

it is like this informations some time is reset.



we also have this issue in my lab, running Windows 10 with PsychoPy 2023.2.2
We have a single-screen setup and installed PsychoPy with the provided installer.
This problem wasn’t there with the previous PsychoPy version we used (2022.2.2)

So far, the solution we found is to call win.mouseVisible = False after every flip, but this is an unoptimal solution.

We’ve tested a bit more now, and this issue appeared with version 2023.2.0 (so the last version without this issue is 2023.1.3).
We’re using the pyglet backend to create the window.

We’ve found two solutions to hide the mouse:

  1. Downgrade to 2023.1.3
  2. Use “mouse.setExclusive(True)” which is fine for us since we don’t need the mouse at all.