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Mouse showing in fullscreen during video stimuli


I’m having a problem with the cursor showing during my experiment (running full-screen) even though the ‘show cursor’ option is unticked. I have tried applying the fix here: Hiding mouse cursor in the pavlovia online experiment - #9 by montakhs using both the py and JS code provided (I want to run this experiment online).

Here is the recommended code for reference:

Py side:
win.mouseVisible = False

JS side:'none';

I placed this code as described in a code component at the beginning of the experiment (i.e. the “welcome” routine) in the “begin experiment” section. The same thing happens when I place this component in the same routine as the video stimuli under “begin routine”. The code component has always been placed as the first component in each routine and I have also checked my monitor settings and everything seems correct.

The code seems to be working (no visible cursor) on screens with text components (e.g. the welcome screen) but not in the routines where my stimuli are shown as 30s video components (mp4 files).
During these portions the cursor reappears and remains visible over subsequent text-based routines.
The video components are set to run for 30s then end the routine are displayed at full opacity and use the ‘moviepy’ backend.

This visible cursor problem is something I have experienced online and offline every time I have created or run an experiment using psychopy on multiple PCs and on different versions of Psychopy (I currently have v2021.1.2 installed). The only thing that I have managed to identify is that in the screen settings when I untick full-screen the default size is showing as 1536x864 and my laptop has a 1920x1080 screen (when I change these values to (1920, 1080) the problem disappears but then it resets to 1536x864 when I enable full-screen again. I recalibrated a new monitor in the monitor settings to make sure this is correct but the problem is still happening (the test monitor is also calibrated at the same pixel size). This is happening in an experiment that I built today from scratch (in the builder) so this is not a problem caused by re-tooling an old/someone else’s experiment.

I’m really at a loss as to how and why this is happening and would really appreciate any help. My experiment hasn’t been put onto Pavlovia yet or I would share a link. I need the experiment to run at full screen so that it is compatible with other screen resolutions as an online experiment.