mouse.isPressedIn() not working on retina display


I am developing an experiment where several stimuli (shapes) are presented on screen and participants have to click on a shape they have seen before.

Here are the codes:

DONE= False
                while not DONE:
                    for item in range( len( probeForms) ):
                        if mouse.isPressedIn(probeForms[indexShape[item]], buttons=[0]):
                            selectedFCProbe = item

probeForms is a list of 5 different shapes presented using visual.Shapestim

The problem is, whenever I use my macbook display, the mouse.isPressedIn() doesn’t register on the shape, so the condition never met.

The mouse.isPressedIn() works fine, it registers my mouse click, but not on the shape. It was tested using the build-in demo (every click gives me 1) with the same monitor setting.

The interesting thing is, when I connect my macbook on the second display and present my experiment there, everything works fine, i.e. I can click on the presented shapes and the loop goes on.

It seems to me, it is the problem with retina display. I have tried setting useRetina= True in the monitor call but it doesn’t help.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Hi There,

Does this simplified version work in your set up?

DONE = False
for probe in probeForms:
    if mouse.isPressedIn(probe)
        DONE = True
        selectedFCProbe = probe