Mouse is not shown under Mac/Win (Edge, Firefox)


I want to use an IAT-Experiment with mouse and touch.
If I try it on a mac with chrome and safari, it works fine.

Mac OS 12.6 + Firefox 107.0 and win10 + Edge107.0.1418.56 or Firefox 107: The mouse is invisible.
If I press the right button I see the context menu and the mouse. I can then move the mouse to the location where it is needed. However, this is rather unprofessional.

I changed already the background color from black to red. The same problem occurs.
After moving the mouse to the top. I can see the mouse permanently on Mac OS 12.6 + Firefox 107.0 after I press once the secondary click. In Win10 it is still the same.

These are my settings:

win = visual.Window(
    size=[1440, 900], fullscr=True, screen=0, winType='pyglet', allowStencil=False,
    monitor='testMonitor', color='black', colorSpace='rgb', blendMode='avg', useFBO=True, 
win.mouseVisible = True

Any help is appreciated.


the problem was = 'none';

in a code element