Mouse component saving as list

I am having an issue with the mouse component. No matter what click settings I choose, it’s always saving as a list. This makes analysis a bit more frustrating as we then have to remove all of the square brackets. The square brackets wrap around the times, button pressed and the stimuli clicked on.

Initially I thought it was due to there being overlapping stimuli. I have a static image, and then created individual clickable areas on a grid, corresponding to the image. I needed the area around the image to also be a response, so I made sure this was at the back of clickable stimuli, however I then found that if one of the grid squares was clicked, it also saved this outside area.

I removed the outside area, but this did not stop the mouse component saving as a list, and caused additional problems with using the outside area as a correct response.

What options do I need to pick to stop the mouse component saving as a list, and is there a way to make it click only the topmost stimuli?

Thank you

Hello Jdigg,

the mouse-component always saves a list. You could access an element of this list if you want to. See here on how to access elements of this list

But what is your main question?

  1. get rid of the square brackets in the result file?
  2. make only one object clickable?
  3. save only one element of the mouse-component list?

Best wishes Jens

I added a .addData into the end code and used the mouse.time[0] and that’s sorted that out.
I did the same for the clickable object initially, but was just looking to see if there was a way to tidy it up. I’ve now also got a column for saving [0] of the clickable stimuli.