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Monitor Center Psychopy v1.84.0rc5

There seems to be a bug in Monitor Center for this version of Psychopy on Mac OSX, whereby the vertical screen resolution is automatically replaced with the horizontal screen resolution. I.e. if I input 2560 x 1600, it takes 2560 x 2560.

Am I the only one experiencing this bug?


P.S. it may actually be v1.83.04 on the website, but v1.84.0rc5 is what is listed under help>about

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I see that too. But I think it might just be displaying the horizontal resolution twice. i.e. setting a value for the vertical resolution does work, it just isn’t displayed properly.

i.e. setting the dimensions in v1.84.0rc5 and then opening monitor centre in v 1.83.04 standalone shows the horizontal and vertical values as they were entered. So v1.84.0rc5 appears to set the vertical value correctly but just can’t display it.

Are you sure? I get this error when I run my code:

ValueError: Monitor Mac Book Pro 2016 has no known size in pixels (SEE MONITOR CENTER)

Hi Fahed. I think I found the issue with Monitor Centre not displaying the vertical pixel value correctly and have proposed a fix for that here:

I don’t see the ValueError problem you reported above though. Perhaps because of the display bug, you’ve inadvertently ended up setting a null value for the vertical field. Try editing the psychopy/monitors/ file at about line 588 so it read like this:


Hopefully you’ll then be able to see the actual vertical value correctly. If you are then able to set it, hopefully the ValueError will disappear.

Thanks, that seems to have solved the issue. Ah the typo…

Thanks for spotting that Fahed and for catching it Mike :slight_smile: