Modifying the experiment as an adaptive procedure

Hi all

My experiment is as follows
Ten sentences will be auditorily presented and the participant has to click on the correct sentence displayed on the screen. Total score out of 10 would be displayed on the screen after each block of the experiment.
I want to make this procedure adaptive in nature wherein if the participant scores less than 8 the experiment has to move to another set of 10 sentences provided in the Excel sheet. if the score is > 8 it has to consider another set of sentences.
How can I go ahead with this
kindly help
Thank you
experiment sentences 4 choice - Copy (2).psyexp (29.1 KB)

Hellow Gowri,

here is toy-example. You can press left or right, left is correct as specified in the condition-file.

MoveOn.psyexp (15.4 KB)
MoveOn.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Best wishes Jens