Create a second trial based on previous trial

Hi all, I’m trying to create an experiment where participants need to read a passage and answers questions about it. I created two trials where one randomly selected the passage (10 narratives), and the other asks the questions (16 for each narrative). My problem is defining the second trial (questions) to be the associated questions to the previous passage. Thanks in advanced for your help.

Hi There,

Is it that each passage has it’s own set of questions relating to it? if so I think you need two routines (one for the passage one for the questions), those 2 routines are in the same “loop” and the spreadsheet in that loop has one column for the passage, and other columns for the questions about the passage. This way the questions about that passage are always set to follow the corresponding question.

Hope I understood correctly!


Hi Becca,

Thank you for your response. You understand correctly, each of the 10 passages has a set of 16 questions. However, I did not understand the condition file you suggested. Could you send me an example? Thanks

If there are 16 questions for each passage then the most efficient method would probably be to have two spreadsheets, one for the passages and one for the questions. The passage spreadsheet would need a useRows column to indicate which rows of the question spreadsheet are needed for that passage. E.g passage 1 would point to 0:16 and passage 2 would point to 16:32.

The questions would be a loop within the main passages loop specifying $useRows as the selected rows.

You could do this with 10 separate questions spreadsheets but then it takes longer to make edits

Hi @wakecarter,

Thank you so much for your response, is really helpful. However, I’m not been able to make it work. It give me a error that ‘datetime’ is not defined.

I think I don’t understand how the useRows collum should be, please see my spreadsheet attached and the screenshot of my experiment.

Reading_stim.xlsx (9.6 KB)