Modern OLED displays for vision science

Hello PsychoPy forum users,

I know this topic comes up every so often in different lists, but to my surprise there doesn’t seem to be a recent post on the topic on here.

I am looking to purchase a commercial monitor as a “backup” monitor for vision science experiments in my lab. I would be very grateful if anyone would share any positive recent experience using a modern (e.g. LED, QLED, OLED, etc) monitor for experiments.

For this display, I am aiming to cover luminance and colour accuracy and spatial resolution. Temporal resolution is of secondary importance, since my primary display has that covered. The relative absence of “smart” features is also of primary importance. I am particularly interested in anyone’s experience with OLED monitors. I am aware of relevant papers (such as Elze et al and Cooper et al), but these are now several years out-of-date. I am hoping that someone has taken the plunge to try out a modern monitor, and that some of the identified issues might be fixed or have workarounds.

Any pointers much appreciated.