Missing CVS Data Files

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/run/dacaffre/body-dissatisfaction-study

Hello all,

I ran a pilot study of my experiment and the data saved just fine, so I ran my study on a larger scale. I know of at least 40 people who have participated in my study however, only 3 files saved and only 13 of the credits are reserved and have been for 48 hours.

I have the option selected to save incomplete data as a cvs file and have purchased over 100 credits so I am unsure what the issue is. Is there any way I can see all the data from all 40+ of the participants, or even just get the data from the reserved credits as a starting point? The study is for my undergraduate thesis which is due soon so there is a lot of time pressure involved- any and all help would be appreciated!

Thank you,