Microphone limited to 16 seconds, I need it for longer


I am building an experiment in PsychoPy that is offline, the purpose of this experiment is for participants to read 4 different passages of text. Each passage will record the participants voice, the difficulty that I am having is after 16 seconds the voice recorder stops recording, even though I have set the recording stop time to nothing, as I want it to stop recording once the participant has hit spacebar to move onto the next passage and so on.

I tried to fix this myself in the Python code and change ‘if tThisFlipGlobal > mic_3.tStartRefresh + 15.625-frameTolerance:’ to tThisFlipGlobal > mic_3.tStartRefresh + 30000-frameTolerance:'.

This somewhat worked as the mic stayed on for a long period of time, however, it did not save any wav. file. Instead, it just created the folder to where the file was meant to belong.

I would really appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you

The microphone is now limited to 2 minutes, is there any way to change it so the microphone records until the participant presses spacebar to finish.

How did you change it to 2 minutes?

I think the issue is file size so you should be able to increase the time by decreasing the quality.

This is not my area of expertise so I’m not sure.

Changing the quality of the audio files worked. Thank you!