Mic recording but no sound files are saved

Hi, I have got a mic component within my study, however, no sound files are saved. The design of my study is below. The mic component is located within the Image routine. The second image shows what the image routine looks like, the code is to do with the loop and image component, and in no way should effect the mic component (to my knowledge).

The audio library setting is set to PTB.

I appreciate any help.

Are you ending the experiment normally or by pressing escape?

Do you have any End Experiment code?

Thank you for your reply, I feel stupid that this was the reason as to why the sound files were not saving, but yes, it was because I was ending the experiement by pressing ESC rather than letting it run through.

You will be pleased to learn that recordings are saved when escape has been pressed in the forthcoming 2024 release.

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