Matching image stimuli with different loops

Good afternoon,

I hope you can help us, we are new to PsychoPy.

We are trying to run an experiment where participants first will see a selection of 4 image stimuli (different parts of the human face) in a sequential order. (Routine name: ImageSetof4)

Then the participant is asked questions about the face which they will answer via PsychoPy form (this part works fine) (Routine name: Form

Then the participant should see another image, which needs to be exactly matched to the first image. (Routine name: MatchedImage)

Then we want the loop to repeat, the participant to see the next face (the 4 sequential images of the faces, one after the other), the questions again, the next matched image.

There are 6 sets of 4 faces. We want the sets to be presented in a random order but maintaining the matched final image, before the loop repeats.

We have created an excel document called excel_liste where in the column called Ordine, we have inserted the locations for 6 other excel files. Within these excel files the 4 images are located in a single column (called faces).

In the second column (image2) of the linked file, we have also included the matched image.

Everything is working except we do not understand how to match the image with the appropriate list of 4 images (face). Please can you offer any advice of how to proceed?

I attach screenshots to help make it clearer. Thankyou in advance!
PsychoPy Builder view

Please note this issue above is resolved ^^ thankyou.