Manipulating amount of stimuli in the same trial

Hi,I am new to PsychoPy and come to an issue that is probably really easy to fix but I am struggling at the moment.
I am doing a project on the Posner Task and instead of one cue presented before the target I am presenting two. Now after some time I was able to use two cues separately at the same location before the target. However, in the same trial it is important i also present some trials that have only one cue.
for techs

Here are screenshots of the trial. Do i have to make another trial with only one cue and than combine both trials?

I don’t understand how your spreadsheet gives you two cues, but if you want to supress one of them then you could either:

  1. Move the location of the second cue off the screen
  2. Change the opacity of the second cue to 0
  3. Change the second cue image to a transparent png
  4. Move the location/time of the second cue to the same as the first cue

Thanks for you help.

What I did is that I made another stimuli on psychpy and gave it the same coordinates. ‘$cuecoordinate’.
Before I tried to separate the two stimuli cues coordinates by creating another ‘cuecoordinate’ column called ‘cuecoordinatetwo’ but when I did this it kept telling me ‘name is not defined’ even though there was no typo

Please paste the details of the error message and how you defined cuecorrdinatetwo

Hi, it gives the error NameError: name ‘Cuecoordinatetwo’ is not defined.
I’m not sure how to define that variable. I was given a simple Posner task study and downloaded it and that had one cue. I have just tried to copy that cue which was referred to a $cuecoordinate in the cue properties referring to the column in the previous picture I saw. I tried doing the same thing with a different name for my new cue2 however from what you saying it seems i need to define the cuecoordinatetwo. How do i do this?

Have you added a column called Cuecoordinatetwo in your spreadsheet?

Check your capitalisation