Making sense of data file

Dear all,

I created this experiment in which participants select photos.
What’s most important to me is the reaction time.
Now, I’m trying to make sense of the CSV file generated by the experiment after I tried it on myself… but I can’t seem to understand it.
In total I have 50 trials. I only found 8 RT from what I understood from a post from 2015.!topic/psychopy-users/6C85GR6L_Jk
How do I know which RT corresponds to which photo?
Any help would be appreciated.
Here’s the culprit.


NB: The drag & drop code had a very clunky response from the builder so I created the illusion of drag and drop via successive routines in case you’re wondering what M1 2 3… refer to.

Windows 7
Psychopy 1.84.2

2017_mars_14_0912.csv (43.8 KB)

Hi Joseph,

Could you upload your experiment? Or any code components that you used? The data file contains exactly what the program was asked to store, so it will be the script that has the problem.



Hi Oli,

Thanks for your response!
GC.psyexp (663.4 KB)


Obviously I can’t run your experiment because I haven’t got the images, conditions files etc - but it looks like you are saving t every frame the mouse is pressedIn.

for stimulus in [ TLV1Essai, TRV1Essai, BLV1Essai, BRV1Essai]:
    if mouse.isPressedIn(stimulus):
#        thisExp.addData('RT', t) saving each frame the mouse is clicked in
        image_chosen = stimulus.image
        thisExp.addData('choice', image_chosen)
        if image_chosen == CorrAnsV:
                thisExp.addData('correct', 'True')
                thisExp.addData('RT',t) #save RT when correct answer is made
                continueRoutine = False
                thisExp.addData('correct', 'False')
                msg = 'Error'
                continueRoutine = True

while mouse.isPressedIn(TLV1Essai):
    dynPos1 = mouse.getPos()

while mouse.isPressedIn(TRV1Essai):
    dynPos2 = mouse.getPos()

while mouse.isPressedIn(BLV1Essai):
    dynPos3 = mouse.getPos()

while mouse.isPressedIn(BRV1Essai):
    dynPos4 = mouse.getPos()

This will give you one entry per trial.