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Make psychopy full screen in the middle of experiment


Is it possible to make psychopy full screen after a certain routine (not from the beginning)? because I wrote a code in psychopy to open another window in the beginning of the experiment on which I need to click, and if I make psychopy full-screen, I cannot access that window anymore so I put it in window mode in the beginning. After I click on the button I want from that window, I want to make my experiment full-screen.

Thank you

You should avoid that, as PsychoPy’s performance suffers when it is not running full screen.

Instead, start the experiment in full screen mode, and at the end of that routine, minimise the main window in code. Then when done with the other window, maximise and activate the main window, again in code.

There will be previous posts in this forum showing how to do that.

Thank you very much for your help.


I have have a problem when I do it in fullscreen mode; after I activate and maximize the window, a black screen shows up instead of the next routine.

We probably need to see the code, but I’m guessing that it might need a draw() and flip() cycle maybe to show fresh content?