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MacOS and Microphone Input

I’ve already noticed some other posts made about this topic discussing MacOS and microphone access for psychopy and was wondering if there had been any solutions to this.

Initially I was trying to use the built in Microphone object to record subject responses, however attempting to create this object freezes the device entirely requiring a hard reboot. I gave up on trying to get the built in microphone object to work and tried building my own microphone class through the sounddevice library. When running this class through a normal terminal, it prompts you with the typical dialogue asking for access to a microphone and then proceeds to record the input stream. When this code is run through the PsychoPy Runner, no dialogue pops up and the .wav file it produces has no audio, just a silent track. Is there some way I can manually give PsychoPy permission to use microphone? I’ve been trying to find something on Apple’s forum but haven’t been successful.

Just tested my script on a windows PC today and it worked fine, this clearly is an issue with how MacOS handles audio permissions or perhaps something to do with PortAudio on Mac. Still looking for suggestions if anyone has any experience with this.

Hello beggr,

What version of PsychoPy are you using on MacOS?

  • mdc

I’m using v2021.2.0

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