Lower shock intensity


I am using Lab jack U3 to send shocks using a BIOPAC M150 simulator.
The problem is that the shock intensity is very low.
I tried using BIOPAC test and an Eprime script and they all sent a very intense shock.
Any suggestion?

I use the following script to send the shock

This will be some code specific to the BIOPAC / Labjack, from looking at the documentation for setFIOState it looks like the second value indicates strength from 0 to 1. So it’s probably low because it’s set to 0 - try setting it to something higher, maybe move up by 0.1 at a time and see what kind of shock you get?

OK, I think I solved it.
For future generations: the problem is not related to psychopy or the labjack.
When the wires connect to the UIC100c module of the BIOPAC make sure to connect them to channels 8-15. The lower channel 1-7 are attenuated. I thought that it only transmit 1/0 so it is shock or no shock but apparently it gives a lower intensity shocks when connected to those channels.

Best of luck to all