Loop for practice task not working properly when uploaded to Pavlovia

URL of experiment: I have the task in ‘pilot’ on Pavlovia so, from my understanding, I can’t share a link - could definitely be wrong though

Description of the problem:
I have a number of practice tasks at the beginning of my experiment.
The setup of a task is basically this:

  • Participants are shown a video cue which contains a different proportion of green to orange birds in a tree
    Practice 1: they have to use the left and right arrow keys to indicate their estimate of orange:green birds and press enter when they have made their decision.
    Practice 2: they hear a sequence of tones that correspond to orange and green birds and while listening to the tones, estimate the proportion of orange:green birds. They don’t have to press enter once the are finished, the trial just ends.
  • Based on their position on the response scale at the end of the trials, a message is displayed of ‘well done’ (if they had correctly estimated which bird there were more of) or ‘try again’ (if they incorrectly estimated).
  • If ‘well done’, the next practice cue plays and so on.
  • If ‘try again’ I have set up a loop to replay that trial (starting from the video cue) and this happens until they get it correct.

This works in builder but when I have uploaded it to pavlovia it will play fine for the first trial run through, but then shows BOTH messages (well done and try again) appearing over the top of one another, and loops back to that trials video regardless of whether they were correct or incorrect. However, the video doesn’t play again it is just frozen on the first frame of the video and the experiment doesn’t progress at all.

I have heard this may be because I am using ‘set every repeat’ for my video stimuli but haven’t been able to figure out how to not use this (I’m assuming there is code you can add instead but I am not all that familiar with code).

Not sure what screenshots to upload so let me know what could be of assistance to you.