Loop audio playback in builder

Running Builder on version 2021.1.2 on Mac Big Sur 11.6.

Is there a way to have audio via the Sound component loop the playback? I have an image that dynamically “bounces” continuously until I end the routine by pressing a button. I’d like to accompany this with my audio looping back to the start every time it finishes. It looks like in the Movie component that loop playback is possible Movie Component — PsychoPy v2021.2

Is this also possible for a Sound component or would I need code to achieve the same thing? If so, any recommendations would be appreciated.

This is kind of similar to a question I asked a few years ago (Loop audio until condition met in sound component?) and didn’t get the answer for.

Silly question it turns out! For anyone else who struggles with this, it’s easily done in a code component - I didn’t use a sound component in the end.

Here’s the code I used to have my sound loop:

#Under Begin Routine
#start sound
boing = sound.Sound('demo/sound/boing_boing.wav', secs=-1, stereo=True, hamming=True, name='boing')
#make it loop a large number of times