Logging onset/offset of sound stimuli

Hi everyone,

I have a cross-modal (visual-auditory) experiment that I built using Builder in version 3.0.6 (standalone) on a Windows machine (Windows 7 and 10). Sound files are in .wav format and each lasts for 500 ms. Everything runs smoothly, but when I was auditing the logfiles to check the stimulus onset and offset to verify that they have been presented for the intended duration, I realized that the auditory events are not logged.

I used the default settings for the audio hardware:

I then created a stripped down version where I only present a fixation cross and two successive auditory stimuli, followed by a keyboard response, just to make sure that it was not specific to the experiment that I created:

The logfile shows this:

5.6200 EXP Created window1 = Window(allowGUI=False, allowStencil=False, args=UNKNOWN, autoLog=True, bitsMode=UNKNOWN, blendMode=‘avg’, color=array([0., 0., 0.]), colorSpace=‘rgb’, fullscr=<method-wrapper ‘getattribute’ of attributeSetter object at 0x0EA460B0>, gamma=None, kwargs=UNKNOWN, lms=UNKNOWN, monitor=<psychopy.monitors.calibTools.Monitor object at 0x1110DB50>, multiSample=False, name=‘window1’, numSamples=2, pos=[0.0, 0.0], screen=0, size=array([1920, 1200]), stereo=False, units=‘height’, useFBO=True, useRetina=False, viewOri=0.0, viewPos=None, viewScale=None, waitBlanking=True, winType=‘pyglet’)
5.6200 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = False
5.7857 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = True
5.9693 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = False
6.0419 EXP Created text = TextStim(class=<class ‘psychopy.visual.text.TextStim’>, alignHoriz=‘center’, alignVert=‘center’, antialias=True, autoLog=True, bold=False, color=‘white’, colorSpace=‘named’, contrast=1.0, depth=0.0, flipHoriz=False, flipVert=False, font=‘Arial’, fontFiles=, height=0.1, italic=False, languageStyle=‘LTR’, name=‘text’, opacity=1.0, ori=0, pos=array([0., 0.]), rgb=array([255., 255., 255.]), text=’+’, units=‘height’, win=Window(…), wrapWidth=1)
6.0596 EXP Sound set volume 0.600
6.0602 EXP Sound set volume 0.600
6.0682 EXP text: autoDraw = True

<-------- there should be timestamps for the two sound files here -------->

|7.9044 |DATA |Keypress: space|
|7.9185 |EXP |window1: mouseVisible = True|

It seems like sound onsets and offsets are not automatically logged. Is there a way I can include a code to log these events, or include them in the data file?



soundtest.psyexp (6.6 KB)
https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/psychopy/original/2X/a/a873b40d33f8e3ee20673dc643c7ab90aad2e0be.wav https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/psychopy/original/2X/f/f95b0585ea6eb205d28e3e681603f88209502302.wav

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Hi Darren,

Did you end up figuring out a solution to this problem?


Hi Lauren,

I did not manage to figure out before I abandoned the audio stimuli. Sorry that I couldn’t be of help.