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Onset/offset times are not saved online

URL of experiment: garsiniss [PsychoPy]

Hello, I’m doing a change-detection experiment, I just checked that onset/offset times are not saved in the .csv files, though I checked the saving box in the builder. Is there any way to get them? I don’t need the exact times, just need to know which of the four sounds I used was played in which trial. Thank you!


you posted a pilot link. Pilot links are only valid for one hour. It is better to post a link to your repository and making it public or to post a toy version of your experiment. Then others might determine what is going wrong.

You could save the name of sound-file1 by adding some code in a code-element (end routine tab).

thisExp.addData('soundfile1', soundfile1)

Best wishes Jens

I already have all the participant results, so it’s a bit too late. But I managed to find a solution, as I don’t need the exact onset value, I just need a few additional columns with any sound onset values, as long as they’re in the same places as they should be. So I just created same experiment, but added code components with the code that you provided and just appended those additional sound onset columns from the second experiment result to every participant data .csv file. The explanation may sound complicated, but hope it helps anyone who may encounter a similar problem. Thank you!