Log file producing blendMode='avg' line every 10-50ms

Hi, I am using the PsychoPy builder v1.85.4. This issue occurs whether I run it using mac or PC. The log file outputs “blendMode=‘avg’” about every 10-50ms. This is causing the logging flush to take a very long time. I have tried various pieces of code such as win.setBlendMode(‘avg’,log=None) and inserting autoLog=False into the piece of code which sets up the window, but they produced no changes, and removed all important lines from the log (not just blendMode=‘avg’), respectively. How would I go about logging the important experiment data while removing the extra lines about the blendMode? Below are a few lines from the log file:

28.6560 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.6564 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.6727 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.6730 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.6893 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.6897 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.7060 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.7064 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.7227 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.7230 EXP window1: blendMode = 'avg’
28.7393 EXP window1: blendMode = ‘avg’

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I just want to add that I’m having the same problem and it’s causing my task to stall once the log file becomes too large.


I’m also seeing this behaviour, and it’s kind-of annoying when trying to debug timing issues using the log file. Is there any fix for this?



Hi all,

I also have this problem and in the process of debugging the code.
Do you use the launchScan or SyncGenerator functionality or a visual rating scale?

EDIT: found the answer
In PsychoPy 1.85.6 edit file \Lib\site-packages\psychopy\visual\test.py
change line 754:
win.blendMode = blendMode
win.setBlendMode(blendMode, log=False)