Local Debug mode not working: localhost did not send any data

URL of experiment: general problem

Description of the problem: When trying to start the local debug mode for any experiment (even those running fine on pavlovia) i run into a ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error (see screenshot).
I’m using psychopy 2022.2.4 on mac and have chrome as my standard browser.

would anyone have an idea what causes this and how to fix it.

Alternatively, if there’s another way to debug the js file locally (i.e. not via builder but via VS code), i would also be grateful for ideas!

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I’m having this same issue as well.
I’m also getting the following traceback issue:

I’m receiving this issue suddenly on experiments that had previously been working with no errors. I’ve tried re-cloning the repositories and reinstalling PsychoPy.
Would greatly appreciate any help on this matter!