Last trial in trial loop repeats itself before proceeding

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My online experiment is designed to have a loop of practice trials before the real experimental trials. Within each loop, there is another loop that serves as an “error trap” in which a “Too Slow!” message appears when a participant does not press a key within a timeframe; it does this up to 5x before it reveals the correct answer and then moves on to the next trial. There are 3 practice trials: the first 2 work fine, but when it comes to the last trial it works as intended at first before the transition from the practice trials to the real trials, However, the third practice trial appears once again in the real trials, followed by a Too Slow! message, followed by feedback (which is given only when a participant responds or when it goes through the Too Slow! loop f5x). This works just fine in Builder, but I get this bug when run on Pavlovia. I will reply below with the script and supporting materials attached. Any guidance would be much appreciated-- thank you in advance!

That sounds like you need to set the text of some components to “ “ at the end of your feedback routine rather than the beginning of the practice trial.