Keeping the choice in the screen

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create some kind of sorting task where people will see a stimulus on the center of the screen and then they will drag and drop the stimuli to a related slot on the screen out of a couple of slots. What I am willing to do is keep the previous answer can be visible on the screen when a new stimuli came. However, I couldn’t find a way to keep the answers visible on the screen when a new trial began. Is anyone having a relevant method, code, etc. for this? Thanks!

If you are using the builder you can create a second component identical to the one used to present the new stimulus. In code component in the end routine tab you can save the current stimulus (e.g. if you are presenting images and using the variable name myImage, you can add something like

oldImage = myImage
oldPos = myImage.pos()

). Then in the second component you just have to fill the image and position box with $oldImage and $oldPos. Also don’t forget to add something to display nothing on the very first routine.

This way, you can save the current stimulus (word, image etc.) and its position at the end of the routine, and then present two stimulus on subsequent routines: one new and one old. This way the old one is always the last stimulus presented.

Thank you for your answer!
Actually, I’m using a polygon component (rectangles). That is why I couldn’t adapt and specify the $oldImage part of the code.

You can use the same logic with polygons, creating variables for the old polygon’s properties (e.g. size, color)