jsPsych .csv file naming instead of "PARTICIPANT_SESSION"

I’d like to tweak the names of the .csv files that pavlovia saves in my jsPsych experiment – has anyone nailed down a way to do this yet?

Just to confirm…you are coding in JSPsych instead of PsychoPy?

@wakecarter that is correct, jsPsych

Per pavlovia’s recommendation:

PsychoPy discourse forum is a great place to discuss all things Pavlovia.

Sorry, that wasn’t to suggest that your post was inappropriate, just that it’s not my area of expertise.

@Steven_Elmlinger no, customised file names/paths on PsychoJS aren’t yet supported

@Steven_Elmlinger, for jsPsych we’ve got a solution for tweaking filenames. See this thread about a modified pavlovia plugin, and in the latest post a pointer for how to change the filename. JsPsych Saving Options on Pavlovia - #17 by thomas_pronk

Excellent, this looks like my ticket. Marking as the solution for now. Thanks everyone for your replies.

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