Issues with text in response button on Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
The response button on Psychopy displays the text perfectly fine:

But when uploaded onto Pavlovia, the text on the response button is gone:

I’m not quite sure how to fix this - I’ve tried changing the colour, using RGB values in the text colour parameter. Any help will be appreciated!

Hi, these two screenshots look the same to me. Do you mean the word Continue is not displayed when your task in on Pavlovia or do you mean that when you type in the textbox, no text is being displayed?

My apologies! I uploaded the wrong screenshot. Here it is:

Yes, the word Continue is not displayed during my task on Pavlovia.

What version of psychopy was your task created in? And was your Continue button created with a Textbox component or was it created with a Button component?

I used version v2023.1.2. I created it with a Button component.

Yes I managed to replicate this error on my end and will flag it to the developers.

In the meantime, you can recreate the Continue button using a Textbox component and a Mouse component, in the End Routine on press field, select on valid click and within the Clickable stimuli field, place the name of your Textbox component.

Thank you so much!

Did anyone ever fix this? I have just encountered the same problem.

I appreciate the fix, but was excited about using the button function as it just cuts out a lot of steps!


This is likely to be fixed in the first 2024 release (probably the beginning of February)

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I have the same issue.

The workaround I use, instead of using a textbox, is simply using the button and a text component in the same location to show the text.