Issues with installing sound device


Could anyone please guide on how to install the sound device on psychopy version 1.3?

I’m trying to design a picture naming experiment where I want to record voice responses.
I get the following error message on running the experiment.

“Support for the sounddevice audio backend is not available this session. Please install psychopy-sounddevice and restart the session to enable support”

Any help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Please could you confirm the version you are referring to? 1.3 is over 10 years old. The earliest version I can see on Github is 1.81.


Thanks for your response. I just checked the version again and it’s 2023.1.3.

Should getting latest version fix the issue?

Before upgrading, try ptb sound and also try Use Version 2022.2.5

How do I use ptb sound? Sorry I am very new to psychopy and there’s a lot that I don’t understand how to work out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Go to Experiment Settings and then Audio and try different libraries.