Issues with file referencing

This experiment is an implicit association test, which includes another loop in one loop, where one file has a column that references a list of other files. The file name and the name in the file are the same as the reference name in the experiment, and the experimental program is in the same folder as all the files, but the result shows that the file cannot be found.
During the experimental operation, the guidance and some parts appeared normally. After pressing the spacebar, the program ended.

The error prompt is “conditionsImportError: Conditions file not found: IAT_block1.xlsx”

I hope to receive everyone’s help.Thanks.

Is this a local issue or online?

Please show screenshots of your loop and the folder.

I suspect it may be a local issue.
I asked the teacher, and due to time constraints, the teacher took a brief look and said that the basic structure was fine.


The answer is in your folder screenshot.

IAT_block_loop doesn’t have .xlsx visible but is classified as a spreadsheet so you must have extensions hidden (which is why IAT.psyexp is only visible as IAT).

Your other excel files are showing .xlsx which means that they must have a double extension, e.g. IAT_block1.xlsx.xlsx

You need to either add and extra .xlsx in the spreadsheet or delete it from the file names.

I always show all extensions rather than hide know ones.

Thank you for your help!