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Is there any alternative to Cedrus StimTracker hardware?

I am conducting a fear conditioning experiment in which visual stimuli are paired with electrical shocks, and participants’ skin conductance responses are registered. So far, I have been using SuperLab 4.5 with a StimTracker (Cedrus) to present stimuli and mark events, and Acqknowledge software (Biopac Systems) to record responses and experimental events. Our StimTracker has had a short-circuit fault and fixing the problems has proven to be quite expensive. Due to budget limitations, I am forced to look for free (or at least cheaper) alternatives to running my experiment. Therefore, I want to know if Psychopy could substitute SuperLab. I believe that I would need hardware to integrate and synchronize events between AcqKnowledge and Psychopy. Does anyone know of any alternatives to Cedrus StimTracker? Thanks