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Is opencv a requirement?

I am trying to package the latest version of PsychoPy for Arch Linux. I figure it is about time to upgrade from 1.85, but I have lost my in house tech support…

It looks like opencv-python is a requirement to launch the app, but it is not packaged for Arch and appears to be tricky. As opencv-python is not listed as a dependency, is it possibly to make PyshcoPy work without it?

Yes, without OpenCV moviestim2 won’t work (but MovieStim3 will be fine) and you won’t be able to capture video from the webcam (which probably very fe people knew they can do) but it will certain run the vast majority of tasks

I got thrown for a loop because of all the requirements listed in setup.cfg. On my system if I am missing any of those packages, I get a cryptic error message. If I dump the file (or the resulting requirements file), I start to get things I can deal with.