Is it possible to give corrective feedback on rating scale?

Hi! I’m trying to give corrective feedback on the rating a participant made on a rating scale.
That means, I would like to store the position of the slider by the participant and after they press “ok” I would like to get another slider or symbol to mark the correct position of the slider.
So far I can give feedback like “correct” or “wrong” but it needs to be corrective…
Any ideas on how to solve this problem are highly appreciated!!

You could use a Variable component for this - set the “Each Frame” value of this Variable to be the value of your slider, e.g.


Then when you make this second slider, to set its value to be the same as the previous slider, you can just set its value in Builder view to be the name of your Variable after a $

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Thank You for your reply! I’m afraid I don’t fully get what I’m supposed to do…
Where do I have to put the Variable Component? Where my first Slider is and the participant is rating?

And if I manage to get the same rating on the second slider is there a chance to set a second slider to a specific position for the feedback?

this is how it looks… maybe this helps to understand me better

Yes, put the Variable component in the same Routine as your first slider, then put the second slider in a Routine which runs afterwards. That way the value of the first slider is stored each frame in the Variable component to be used in the second slider.

Thank You! And where in Builder do I set the value of my second slider? If I manage to show the rating of the first slider in my second one how would you show the correct rating in that frame? Thanks a lot!

You can use a Code component to set it, if we call it mySlider, it would be:

mySlider.value = ```VALUE```

As for showing the correct rating - for that you’ll need to have something like a Polygon component with its position set according to the value of the slider. Something like: $mySlider.pos[0]+corrAns/max(mySlider.ticks)*mySlider.size[0]
in plain English:
x position of slider + correct answer / max slider value * slider width
so you’re essentially saying set the position of this polygon to be where the slider control would be if they were on the correct answer

thank you for your help! I totally get it but somehow I always get the error message that ratingScale object has no attribute called val or value. Is this something only for Sliders? And do you know how I can change it for my rating scale? I’ve tried using the getRating() attribute but it doesn’t work…

That’s strange, getRating should work with rating scales. However, Slider effectively replaced Rating Scales, so you should be able to recreate the behaviour using a Slider instead and it will be more future-proof and will have a rating attribute from which you can get its value