Collect Correct Answer from Slider and feedback | Audio stimuli


I have the following problem - the experiment I create consists in assessing the intensity of sound stimuli on a scale - for this I use a slider from 1 to 6. After assessing the sound, I would like the participant to receive feedback that is for example “Your rating is 4, correct rating is x” in both correct and incorrect answers. However, I do not know how to collect the correct answers using slider and how to provide such feedback.

Of course, I already have a table in the loop that specifies the correct answer for each sound, but I don’t know how to connect it to the slider.

Thank you in advance for your answer and I apologize if this question is stupid :wink:

Hi! Have you found a way to make this work? I’m struggling with a similar task… Thank You!

I’m not an expert, but you could try to insert a code component that takes the sliders response (using expInfo[‘compentname.Response’]) and use that variable in the text component.
For example, the in the beginning of routine section:

rating_resp = int(expInfo['componentname.response'] )
correct_ans = int(variable from condition file)#I'm not quite sure how to get this value so this would need some looking into
if rating_resp == correct_ans:
         feedback = "Your rating is "+rating_resp+",correct rating is " + correct_ans
        feedback = ...

Then you could put $feedback in the text component of your feedback routine.
Does this help?