Is it possible to create a primed LDT with two types of targets and four types of primes?

Hello! :blush:
I am somewhat familiar with PsychoPy, but a complete beginner when it comes to coding. I want to create a complicated procedure and wonder if it is even possible, and if it is - where to find help on how to do it.

I am using v2023.2.3 of PsychoPy.

In my procedure, I would like the participants to be presented randomly with one of two types of targets - a word or a pseudoword. Each of this stimuli has to be primed with one of four corresponding prime types (all are different categories of words and pseudowords).
So I created an Excel file just for training purposes, in which there are 6 columns (first two with targets - words and pseudowords respectively; and four other columns with four different types of primes). An important detail is, that all of the prime types are in some way recombinated versions of the targets, and that is why I need the primes to correspond to the targets.

So, I have already learned how to make a simple primed LDT procedure, with just one type of target and one type of prime. I know how to use text and button components, do masking, fixation cross, etc. Unfortunately, I hardly made any further progress.

Is it even possible to create such a procedure using PsychoPy?
If so, what would be the recommended architecture of the procedure? Can you recommend any materials on how to create such a procedure? I tried to find anything relevant, but I did not have much luck :cry: