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Affective Priming Stimulus Randomisation

Hello PsychoPy Users,

I am very new to PsychoPy and trying to fully randomise the presentation of each Prime and Target (happy/angry faces) in an Affective Priming paradigm. However, when run PsychoPy generates randomised presentations of the same Prime and Target as presented in the Excel file and is attached. I have reviewed the available posts and have applied the suggestions for other tasks into my experiment, but none appear specifically on priming.

The question is: How to randomise the presentation of each Prime and Target

Any suggestions would be helpful

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Trials.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hi Jordan,

Each row is treated as a single trial, and columns are not treated independently. As such, the only way to do as you wish is to create a sheet in which there is a row defining every trial you want. E.g.

PrimeFace	                   TargetFile	         congruent	CorrAns
ExperimentFaces/AF01ANS.JPG	ExperimentFaces/AF05HAS.JPG	  0	left
ExperimentFaces/AF07ANS.JPG	ExperimentFaces/AF21ANS.JPG	  1	right
ExperimentFaces/AF05HAS.JPG   ExperimentFaces/AF01ANS.JPG 0 right 
ExperimentFaces/AF21ANS.JPG   ExperimentFaces/AF07ANS.JPG 1 left

Cheers Oli! I will implement this