Invert Rating Scale Texts

My task will be used in the MRI and is shown via a mirror. Thus, all my texts must be inverted.

The rating scale also has values but no flipHorz command like the textStim.

Does anyone know of a workaround to this?

Many thanks!

Have you tried flipping it in code? I use code to set horizontal and vertical alignment when necessary.

I flipped the text of textStim but ratingStim is able to draw the numbers/labels without textStim. This is what I need to be able to flip but do not know how or if there is a function for this…

You could add the labels for the rating scale as separate text components.

In general, we recommend switching to the newer Slider component over RatingScale. In a Slider, you would flip the text using some code like this:

for label in mySlider.labelObjs:
    label.flipHoriz = True

and in a RatingScale you can do pretty much the same thing, just with .labels rather than .labelObj

This worked! Thank you!