How to remove key, click box of rating scale?

I am running an MRI study and am using a rating scale. Therefore, we are using a response box rather than a keyboard. Usually, the rating scale has a small box below (see image). With the response box, this is no longer needed and is inverted when participants view in the scanner.

Is there a way I can remove this from the rating scale setting? Alternatively, is there a way to invert it, so that is not backward for stimulus presentation, even if it is not used?


In general we don’t advice using RatingScale, as the newer Slider component can do all the same things with more control and an easier interface. They also don’t have buttons associated like RatingScales do - instead we made it easy to add one via the Button component - so would be better for this.

Is there a demo script for Slider? I am coding it myself, and have been unsuccessful in getting the response function to work with my MRI setup, which is why I have used the rating scale…

In 2021.1.0 we added a demo for sliders, but you’d need to re-unpack the demos to see it. If you copy your existing demos to another folder (to stop them being overwritten) and then go to Demos → Unpack Demos, it will appear in the menu as Demos → Feature Demos → sliders.