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Interfacing and polling a blackbox toolkit asynchronously with the main thread: technical advice

Hi guys,
We recently acquired a blackbox toolkit and I was wondering about the best way to (1) interface it within psychopy and (2) poll it asynchronously with the main thread. The device doesn’t seem to have an onboard clock, so for (2), I am thinking of using iohub, but peharps the new keyboard function from psychtoolbox can do the job?

Hi @Servant_Mathieu, we have a black box tool kit (BBTK) module in PsychoPy. We have used it for timing checks, where the BBTK records stimuli onset, TTL pulses, etc and can also response to visual stimuli.

I can share the code for using the DSCAR, DSRE and DSC modes on the BBTK, but I do not know what you are trying to achieve, so it may not be useful for you.

Hi @dvbridges, thanks for the help. I don’t think we are talking about the same bbtk device. Mine doesn’t have an on-board clock. It is a simple millisecond accurate 1-8 button USB response pad (see What I would like to do is very simple: present visual stimuli and record response times (RTs). RTs should not be limited by the monitor’s refresh rate. I was thus wondering if I should use iohub, or if the new keyboard component could be used with the response pad.