Instruction screen

I am trying to make an instructions screen with multiple lines of text. Can someone please help me. I have written what I want it to look like below, if someone could just tell me what to actually type into the text box to make it look correct. Thanks!

On each screen a word will appear. Enter the first words that come to mind when reading this word.
If you do not know meaning of the word, select the “Unknown” option.
If you do not want to respond to word, select “Prefer not to respond” option.

Avoid responding with more than one word. Simply type the first words that come to mind, then press enter.

#1 Bird
#2 Freedom
#3 Clouds

Hi @asucha1, have you tried pasting your text into the text box of a text component? From the Builder interface, the text components should be on the right side of the window, in a section called “Components”. Also, perhaps the online Stroop tutorial would be a good place to begin learning to build experiments in PsychoPy.

Maybe the specific question here is how to get line breaks to separate the text across multiple lines?

If so, just type an explicit line break wherever you need one, i.e. type \n at the end of each paragraph.

Ok I was putting in ‘/n’ thanks for your help. Sorry I’m just so new to this, it seemed simple but it’s all so confusing for someone completely new to coding!!

Hi, I tried to use \n in the stimuli sentence to seperate the sentence over several lines at a specific word. However, it seems not to work, neither in Text nor in TextBox.

Any advice?