Installation on Debian 12


We have psychopy installed on all our laboratory computers which run Debian 11. For this, we had the following dependencies (defined using poetry syntax, but we will soon migrate to pdm) :

python = "~3.9"
numpy = "^1.26.1"
pyqt5 = "5.12.2"
wxpython = {url = ""}
psychtoolbox = "^"
psychopy = "2022.1.1"

There was an order effect, where we had to install things in a very particular sequence to get psychopy to work. We use .venv -based environments and resolve our dependencies using pdm/poetry. We are now thinking of upgrading to Debian 12, and so far, all our attempts at installing any version of psychopy have proven futile.

Has anyone got psychopy working with Debian 12 ? If so, we would really appreciate some advise/tips.