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Inserting a break by pausing the loop but it doesn't work on pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: In pavlovia, I want participants to be able to have a break half way through the loop (so after 22 trials), but it only works on my local device. I cannot get it work when I pilot it in pavlovia. I am using a code that I found on this forum, but I guess it just doesn’t work for me and I have been hunting for a different one but with no luck. Below is a picture of the code I inserted in the pause routine (I placed the pause routine at the end of the loop …see picture below to see where I put the pause/code to pause the loop after 22 trials).


If anyone has a different idea that I haven’t tried, I would be very grateful for the information!!

Also, please let me know if this is not enough information to help you help me. I apologize, I am a bit new.

Thank you

.thisN doesn’t work online.

Change the code component to Both and replace the name of the loop with snapshot on the JavaScript side.

Thank you so much @wakecarter!! This is the solution. I am really grateful for your help.